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We're a tight-knit community of potters in the Seagrove, North Carolina area. We fire some or all of our work in wood fire kilns.

Some of us can trace our family history back hundreds of years to farmers who used the local clay to craft wares from clay. Some learned the craft by apprenticing with local potters. Others have been drawn to the community after studying in faraway places like Estonia and Japan; or at Alfred College in New York and the High Mowing School in New Hampshire; or closer-by at East Carolina University and N.C. State University. We continue to learn from and support one another as artists.

Our website is a way for us to reach out to you as a community. We want you to know about our book, Controlled Burn. And we'll update "What's New" to let you know what we're thinking and doing—so check back often! Check out our "New Events" page to let you know about our upcoming Seagrove Wood Fire NC Weekend Pottery Tour (June 1 and 2, 2019) and other events we plan to host over time.

We each have studios and kilns that are available for you to visit in Seagrove, either by appointment or during business hours (click on the photos on the "Our Potters" page for details). Please see the map below for location information and directions.

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to your next visit.




Locations to our kilns/studios are shown on the Google Map below. For details, click on the top right icon (four corners of a rectangle) in the blue bar below. To zoom in or out, use the "+/-" toggle at the bottom left corner. TO PRINT MAP: click on the top right icon (four corners of a rectangle); in the red title bar, click on the three white vertical dots to the right and select “print map.”



Submit your name and email address only once between now and May 31, 2019, below to register for our drawing to win a FREE one-of-a-kind wood-fired Seagrove mug. One winner per month between now and May 31, 2019, will be drawn at random from valid submissions only. No duplicates, please. Winners must pick up their mugs at the June 1–2 Seagrove event.

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